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23. Mai 2011

Air - Virgin Suicides/ Kirsten Dunst / Melancholia

The Virgin Suicides - Showtime 'Music Video' Promo from Demi Skoufis on Vimeo.

( This is an updated version of the original post. Because it's the most popular and favorite on the blog, I decided to add new pictures and videos - enjoy !)

I know this is no film/movie blog, but there are so many good soundtracks. And now that Kirsten Dunst won at Cannes Festival for "Melancholia" , I have to dedicate this post to her. She has been part of some movies with brilliant soundtrack: Marie - Antoinette, The Virgin Suicides, Levity, Mona Lisa Smile...
So here is a song from the Virgin Suicides movie with a lovely video above. ENJOY!
And here's something for your eye ;o)

A scary but great video....

Here's a trailer to Kirsten's  movie " Melancholia" .

Here's a very good review....

Watch Kirsten sing in the movie "Get over it " from 2001

the virgin suicides - forever young from Nuria Monfort on Vimeo.

And have a look at this  REM Video with Kirsten....