Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

23. Februar 2011

Ghost Girl

You'll blame her in front of all the others
you'll blame her
but she does not seem to bother 
her eyes see right thru you
and you wish
that she would have lied
just saying anything at all
while the conversation she gets bored 
sick of all these crowded places 
she wishes to be ignored 
this girl becomes a ghost 

restless between night and day 
she wants to stay here
but then runs far away
this suitcase won't find back home
she's long gone 

you think that she's too drunk tonight
helps her forget what's not going right 
sometimes one should sit and listen
but you want to drag the past out into the light
as if it would help anything at all 

restless between good and bad
counting all the men she had 
counting all the days might left
this illusion won't find a way home
it's long gone   

Mir fällt gerade auf, dass der Song von Marie- Antoinette handeln könnte, aber an sie habe ich beim Schreiben gar nicht gedacht. 
I was just wondering that this song could have been about the french queen Marie- Antoinette, but actually I didn't think about her while writing it....