Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

13. Februar 2011

Survivor, sometimes

such a beautiful day
it was
when you died
august sun and summerbreeze
all around me
i celebrated life
while you gave it up
and i felt ashamed then
but how could i've known 

and do i have the right
you've chosen darkness
i'm stuck in the light
deep, deep inside
i should have known
now i'm just a survivor, sometimes 

once i've been my own girl 
until you came and took her away
thought this meant love
until i felt the betrayal
i was like a dog under your leash

still ashamed of my blindness
seems shame is all you left
for me

and do i have the right
sent you down into hell
where you might burn alive 
deep, deep inside 
i should have know
now i'm just a survivor, sometimes 

all bad things that happen to me
should have make me harder
but that's not true
cos it always hurts like the first time
when you cry and shout
it makes you recognize
you're a survivor, sometimes  

Menschen, die sich umbringen, haben nicht die geringste Ahnung, welche Auswirkungen, dass auf ihre Mitmenschen haben kann oder in welch tiefes Unglück sie ihre Angehörigen stürzen. Es ist schon schlimm genug, wenn nahe Menschen unfreiwillig aus dem Leben scheiden. Wenn es aber eine freiwillige Entscheidung ist, bestürzt das die Zurückgebliebenen noch mehr.
Sie sind Überlebende einer Katastrophe, die sie nicht abwenden konnten. 
People who commit suicide have no idea, what consequences their act will have upon the lifes of their families and friends. How much pain and suffer it brings. The relatives are survivors of a catastrophe they could not avoid.