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Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

21. März 2011

Warpaint - Stars

Oh wonderful one, why are you like that ?
Glow in the darkness, that's how we do it
 just like the stars upon your ceiling that put you to sleep after     ( repeat )  

Close the blind the darkness of your room
in your room
there's your headache explain it to your talk - talk - talk
hanging with your feet - feet - feet
hanging with your tears
cause here we are apart 
but not again and again
again and again
that doesn't make sense
so put away your tools

let me show

and in the end they ask you for your reply
don't you tell them what you found out
there's time 

Hey there!!!
Some of you might already know this gorgeous band from Los Angeles, if not check their webside:

This is definitely my music of this year's springtime !!! Enjoy....

Hallo nochmal !!!

Einige von Euch kennen diese unglaubliche Band aus Los Angeles bestimmt schon und falls nicht, geht mal auf deren Homepage ( siehe obrigen Link !!!)  Das ist auf jeden Fall meine Frühlingsmusik für dieses Jahr !!! Enjoy ....