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29. April 2011

La deuxième - My royal wedding gift

on the day she was born 
she was ignored by the family's men 
when she was raised and taught 
she was adored by the court's noble men 

watch your head
a throne needs a son
make sure what you get
a girl won't find salvation in a king's bed 

she has temper behind her black eyes 
and wears her wardrobe in french fashion 
about charms and power she knows well
gossip hissing "king's under her spell" 
sweet Anne, don't give in 
you think you're above
but there's nothing to win
a woman should collect flowers 
and press them between the pages
of the hymns 
and not reach out for a scepter  
that will never be yours
watch your head
a throne needs a son
but the queen has none
a queen without a son
is as useless as a nun 

on the day her daughter was born
the king passed by
on the day she miscarried again
the king fell in love with another
and Cromwell seemed released
when he sent her away 

From the window at the Tower
she saw her father 
running away
he didn't even turn around 

This song is about Anne Boleyn, Henry the Eighth's second wife.
So, Princess can be glad that those times are long gone. But be careful. It does not need a Tower to take a queen's/ princess' life nowadays.