Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

20. April 2011

Silent Hill 3/3

everything fades
grey and pale 
hanami of ashes  
no dawn no twilight 
stabbing blindfold 
towards nothing  
screams crescend within the streets 

a choir of lost creatures 
a march of death doomed till resurrection  
your sane mind denies the horror 
but you know this is happening 
you can feel that it's true 
it's the horror in you. 

a nightmare
when you lost your most precious 
you became a phantom of what you used to be 
tried so hard to get back what you've loved most 
and lost heart and life 
in the end 

the house you owned is so empty now 
it's haunted 
he hears your voice 
but you're not there 

you're gone 
to Silent Hill 
there's no way back. 

This is the final part of my trilogy " Hysteria / Ritual / Silent Hill ". 
 It's partly inspired by the ending of the movie "Silent Hill". It also belongs to the two other parts which deal with madness, obsessive behaviour and religious delusion. Finally the story has to end with the death of the protagonist, because it is the only solution to escape. But if one does one know he/she is dead ?