Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

17. Mai 2011

My summer of love

gold and silver
shimmering air
a summer to die for
to die for her

she is ivory and roses
she is all I'll never be
and I feel so dirty
whenever she looks at me

my hand touched her hair
silk and feathers everywhere
her eyes glow beyond all kindness
I'm lost but not interested
does it matter it doesn't matter

running thru the meadows
my heart beats so fast
she gets out of sight
I knew this couldn't last

this summer
of our love
my summer
of love
went on so fast

her lies made me strong
even when I knew her tears were wrong
but I need her madly
so strong so deadly

nobody wants me
but she did
I'm gonna catch a train
and hope it hits

I wrote this after I saw the movie. The soundtrack was written by Goldfrapp.