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3. Mai 2011

Southside Feature . Arcade Fire - Rococo

Today it's my turn and pleasure to introduce this band to you: Arcade Fire. They will play on the Southside Festival in Munich too.
They started 2002 in Canada and released three albums ever since: Funeral, Neon Bible, The Suburbs.
For the last one they received a Grammy for best album 2011 and since that day everybody knows who Arcade Fire is. Their music is an adventurous mixture of Rock, Folk, Artmusic and they use old fashioned instruments such as accordion, church organs, many violins etc....
The centre of the group is the couple Win Butler and Regine Chassagne. he comes originally from Houston and she was born and raised in Haiti.
Arcade Fire do a lot of social work and give money for projects that fight hunger and poverty in the world (Partners in Health, Haiti Catastrophe, Hurricane Katrina etc). And still they are really sympathetic and their concerts are rousing and passionate. Their fanbase is huge and deeply committed to Arcade Fire's social work. It's amazing and I don't know any other band who has such a political and social fanbase as them.
I chose " Rococo ", a song from " The suburbs ". I like the more rock sound of it and the staccato refrain. And of course the lyrics which describe the arrogance of youth living in a suburb pretty well.
According to their record Arcade Fire made a short film together with Spike Jonze. Have a look here:

Here is a very good quote from Palindrome, a user from "", about this song:
"This is a brilliant examination of the hipster identity, a real truncheon to the egg-shell thin ego skull of this vapid, insipid 'culture'. Those who proclaim fashion and music trends to be their defining characteristics, yet shun them at the first sign of widespread appeal. Always trying to stay one step ahead of popular culture has lead to an exhausting race in which there are no winners, only the realization that you have become an utterly shameful poseur.

The line that carries perhaps the most weight is "They build it up just to burn it back down" which succinctly sums up the perverted, self-consuming identity matrix that defines so many hip young adults. That which is loved by one group first must be immolated later on to preserve that ever so important sanctity of "first to the party." We are in the age of disposable bands, identities, and integrity."

There you have it !!! 


Let’s go downtown and watch the modern kids
Let’s go downtown and talk to the modern kids
They will eat right out of your hand
Using great big words that they don’t understand

They’re singing
Rococo, Rococo, Rococo, Rococo…
Rococo, Rococo, Rococo, Rococo…

They build it up just to burn it back down
They build it up just to burn it back down
The wind is blowing all the ashes around
Oh my dear God what is that horrible song  that they singing?

Rococo, Rococo, Rococo, Rococo…
Rococo, Rococo, Rococo, Rococo…

They seem wild but they are so tame
They seem wild but they are so tame
They’re moving towards you with their colors all the same
They want to own you but they don’t know what game
They’re playing

Rococo, Rococo, Rococo, Rococo
Rococo, Rococo, Rococo, Rococo

Okay, guys....tomorrow's my birthday I'll take a day off ;o)....