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21. Juni 2011

Back from the Southside Festival !!!

Hey Cosmonauts....

after a cold, rainy, stormy weekend I returned from Southside Festival back to my warm and comfty flat.
Between tons of mud and liters of rain I saw a lot of bands, but also missed some because I just couldn't stand in that heavy rain all the time. My bones were aching like hell.
But here are some first impressions...Warpaint for example were amazing. I couldn't imagine that the songs would do so good on stage. They created a hypnotic desert atmosphere guided by their lovely voices and a genius bass playing girl who drove all the guys in the audience real crazy...
The Kills were brilliant, dynamic and intense, but the set was too short and the audience partly was so rude. I just didn't like the attitude of some girls there. The most liked song was - surprisingly to me - "The Tape Song".
Arcade Fire were beautiful. I liked their whole set, the way they stood equally in one line, the background voices, everything....and they played "Rococo" !
A great surprise were the "Kaizers Orchestra"....despite the fact that Mr. Kaizer looks like Morrissey's younger brother, they were really entertaining.
And then Monster Magnet...well...Dave is old and fat now, but he rocks like hell and we had the time of our lives. Everybody should listen more often to Monster Magnet. It saves the day.