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Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

2. Juli 2011

Wedding Bells

Hey Cosmonauts...

this post has nothing to do with music, well, not in the Kalliope sense...but I'm so proud and now I don't have to keep my secret any longer....

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince ( The Kills) got married yesterday. My friend C. was invited and she wore my earrings!
Well, it was a crossover Design... the metall parts are from Accessorize. At the endings of those chains were little plates which I removed and replaced by real gemstones (smokey quartz, indian moonstone, rose quartz etc.)
Today my friend wrote me how many compliments she received by other wedding guests for her outfit and these legendary earrings. So I'm a bit proud and maybe Anna Wintour even saw them ( she was at the wedding too)....

Because that's what I do when I'm not crazy about music...I'm crazy about jewels and jewellery and I make chains, earrings and bracelets etc....
Here is a picture of the earrings, it's small, but I hope you can recognize them.

My friend C. also told me, that Jamie was the happiest man on earth now.
Well, that's obvious....did you see the bride ;o) ?

Here is a link with a lots of pics and the whole story....enjoy: