Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

23. August 2011

Summer Break !!!

First...thanks for more than 20 000 views since this project started. This means a lot to me. I don't write about fashion or post pictures of skinny half naked chicks. I write about song lyrics and their meanings which is comparable to poetry interpretation, but you seem to like's great.
I want to announce two things....first I take a short break and go on a vacation. Second I'll start a second blog...which is about something COMPLETELY different.
It's something for the girls , the little and the big ones and maybe for desperate boyfriends and husbands and fathers and lovers, who seek for something really nice and special for their girls....
It's a bit more about me and my life and what I like besides music....
Well...check it out if you like...I'd be so happy if you'd take a look ! Here it is:

So now....some vacation music for you before I leave....enjoy the last summer weeks...xoxo...cosmo

First we go to the desert: Kyuss - One Inch Man

Then we leave for the coast ....Goldfrapp - Eat yourself

and go back to the city....Jamiroquai - 7 Days in a sunny June

At night we're dancing to this and celebrate a starry summer night...Louise Attaque - À l'envers

and we hear music like this from far away ...sneaking thru our subconsciousness while we sleep to dream....

and when we wake up...

Good Vibrations for everyone.....