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19. September 2011

Smoking in Heaven

What a night !!!
My favorite siblings rock'n'rolled Cologne to was great. They played a good mixture from both records. Highlight was -of course- "Going up the country"...audience freaked out. This was something I really enjoyed....the crowd wasn't silent at all, they screamed and hollabacked during every song, it was frenetic.

The venue was an old factory. I saw Goldfrapp there before and liked the fact that it's a a small place and even if you're a small person you'll find a spot to have a good sight onto the stage.
As you know K,D,L and their parents play "real " instruments with old equipment. The soundmixer had quite some problems mixing the contrabass. Ingrid, K,D,L's mum, who played it, was really desperate and I felt very sorry for her. This was quite annoying. It happenend two times and when I asked Lewis what he thought about it, he said that sound issues is something normal to them at many concerts. Which is actually a shame...this shouldn't be the case. That's why bands doing a soundcheck...the soundmixers have time to realize upcoming problems. My opinion... are some pictures, they are not so time I'll write about Gemma Ray who opened the show.