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11. November 2011

Latest Siren: November

Today I show you my favorites as videos instead of a boring list....
Starting with an old band "The waitresses", followed by the famous german "Goldenen Zitronen"  . Then something scary in french, but the band is originally from Denmark :

The Waitresses I Know What Boys Like von Celtiemama 

Nouvelle Vague - In A Manner Of Speaking von abraxas_t 

THE KILLS "Baby Says" (Acoustic) von domino 

There's an official video to this song, but I'm not so into bad looking drag queens: 

By the way I'm going to see these guys live on stage in Berlin by end of this month. I hope I'll shoot better pictures this time. 

The next video is from a band I didn't know before. But they look really interesting. And they have a beautiful bit scary mysterious video. And you know I like that kinda shit. 

TWIN SISTER "Kimmi in a Rice Field" von domino 

The lyrics

At first the sky was empty
Kimmi's feet follow
The path to the edge
Near the road
A boy passes
Guiding his bike
He waves hello

Patiently, Kimmi waits
Picking petals
Until the moon
Lifts itself to the sky
Stars come out
Kimmi rushes
To the edge
There she catches
Catches sight of her dead sister
With a grin, she's moaning, "beware of me"
Seedlings stirring towering over
Kimmi runs, the field is alive
It swallows her whole body, she fights
Dead alive, together
In their rice field, together

But I also like their first single which is completely different...

TWIN SISTER "All Around And Away We Go" von domino 

The leadsinger Andrea Estella seems to have a new hair color every day or she's into the biggest wig collection I've ever seen....( if you look at the gig pics on their's unbelievable...) 

So we had Jack and Meg White known as The White Stripes...and know we have Alex and Francis White, calling themselves " White Mystery" and they are also drawn to Rhythm and Blues with a slightly 60ties note. Gorgeous and fresh. 
So this is my last video...enjoy and have a nice weekend !!!