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27. Dezember 2011

REVIEW 2011 !!!

The end is near and it's time to have a look back at the music of 2011...
What were your highlights ? Or the most annoying songs ? The best concert ? New discoveries ? Best album ? Tell me !!!

Best three albums of 2011 

The Kills - Blood Pressures
P.J Harvey - Let England shake
Elbow - Build a rocket boys                                 

Best three concerts in 2011

Esben and the Witch , Cologne
The Kills, Berlin
Warpaint, Southside

Best three singles of 2011

Woodkid - Iron
The Kills - Future starts slow
Radiohead - Lotus Flower

Best three videos in 2011

Woodkid - Iron
Esben and the Witch - The Marching Song         
Cours Lapin - Cache cache

Best Comeback 2011

Blondie - Panic of Girls

Best three Newcomer in 2011

Agnes Obel
Katzenjammer ( although they exist since 2005)

Tinnitus / Worst singers in 2011

Katy Perry ( I mean cute looking doesn't mean good singing....)
Rihanna ( is there at least one song where she doesn't guest - singing ???)
everything from Justin Bieber to Bruno Mars
Metallica with Lou Reed ( c'mon !!!)
30 Seconds to Mars ( stop that echelon shit...remember your first record which was really good)

Greatest disappointment in 2011

Coldplay ( how can someone get from a pearl like "Trouble" to a stupid song like " Para - para - paradise" ???  Did you mean " Paralyzed " ? Get a divorce from that Paltrow Bitch, Mr. Martin !!! )

My Guilty Pleasure 2011

Adele - Rolling in the Deep ( I know, I know...but you have to admit, when someone did a hit !!!)
OST " The Informers " ( Original 80ties Music we all pretend to hate, but boy it's so good ! )
Pearl Jam ( Grunge will never die )

Okay....that's it.

Greets from the orbit !!!