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12. April 2012

Elsiane - Underhelped

Thanx to my DJ-friend Ottic (!/otticfm) who introduces me to wonderful bands and musicians from time to time, I can introduce Elsiane today to you.
This band is not really new, they started in 2000 and published their album " Hybrid" in 2007. The singer Elsieanne Caplette came from Peru to Canada where she met artist and musician Stephane Sotto.
If you want to know about the newest album " Mechanics of Emotion", please check their website:

They make an exciting mix of ethno, electronica jazz, dark reminds me of  The Knife,Fever Ray, Björk, Portishead, Esben and the witch,'s strange and new.

Enjoy !!!

Here are the lyrics:

Is this space, full? Look inside me
Falling always in tune look inside the hole
Cause it's time to go, for you and
It is time to follow, my love my love.
Possibly made, Possibly created
Feeling, the vessels of the boy
I'm fearing over with all to reach him as I grow
This is the time this is it it's my life
He's feeding from where ever I go
This is a cry, this is it, its the right time
I'm beating like never before
These are the ways to face the game
These are the ways to stay away
From what people are saying
Looking in a time for love, falling under reach
Keep him from staying looking out for kinds of love,
Falling under speech
This is the time this is it it's my life,
I'm feeding from wherever I go
This is the time, I'm now in my prime
I'm feeling the screams in my soul
These are the ways to face the game
These are the ways to stay away
Looking in a time for love
Looking out for kinds of love
Falling under reach
Is this really his time to go
I fear him all deep inside
I'll free him from all this hell and harm
Looking in time for love falling under siege

This is a live performance from an older song which shows how great they must be live !!!