Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

25. April 2012

When night comes.

Here I arranged some songs/ videos which I really love, cos they have a surreal and dreamy atmosphere, just like in summernight...when you got stuck with friends in a park or wood and it's peaceful, you're feelin a bit tipsy or can watch the stars and moon in the night sky...everything is perfect and wonderful. I hope my amd your summer will be like this.

Porcupine Tree - Moon touches your shoulder

Kate Bush - Nocturn  ( what an amazing ballett they did to that song...Alice in Wonderland!)

Kate Bush - Nocturn - Eat me. Drink me. from banberry2112 on Vimeo.

The XX - Night Time

Morphine - The Night

Ben Harper & Eddie Vedder - Indifference

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Lament

P.J Harvey - Horses in my dreams

Fiona Apple - Sullen Girl