Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

15. August 2012

I rediscovered Deftones this week and was surprised how many good videos they've got...also I'm still not sure if this for "Mascara" is the official one, but it's good.
So here is one of my favorite and the lyrics which are pretty heavy stuff...but keep in mind the singer was married three times, so relation issues seem to keep him pretty busy.


i feel soon i will sink into you
what do you think cause
there's still blood in your hair
and i've got the bruise of the year
but there's something about
her long shady eyes
i'm all about her shade tonight
i hate your tattoos you have weak wrists
but i'll keep you well it's too bad you're married to me.  .............'d post more, but blogger is not working properly since days......