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17. Januar 2013

Velvet Two Stripes - Supernatural

Velvet Two Stripes is an exciting young all-female band founded in early 2011 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, consisting of the two sisters Sophie und Sara joined by her friend Francea. Soon after their first live gigs they got attention in the national music scene and even became some sort of hype when released their debut EP Supernatural in summer 2012.


Their music is a wild mixture of classic blues and psychedelic rock. Bands like L7, Hole, Bangles and Joan Jet and the Blackhearts may give you an idea. But keep in mind that two of the girls are still below 20, so what can we expect in 5 years?

A friend of mine has seen Velvet Two Stripes playing live on of their first gigs in 2011 on the Parkplatzfest at the Grabenhallein St. Gallen and strongly recommends them. The chicks are young, hot and pure. They claim they just got into music because they are looking for male groupies. Maybe you try your luck at their next gig and write a review about their performance in the backstage area.

For now my favourite song is the title track of their EP. They surely have some sort of superpower.