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5. April 2013

Absolute Body Control - Melting Away

Last Saturday, as an Easter egg I had the pleasure to see Absolute Body Control playing live in the Blue Shell in Cologne. The band was formed already in 1980 by Dirk Ivens and two friends. Some of you may know Dirk as founder of EBM cult group The Klinik and also later of Dive and Sonar. Eric Van Wonterghem replaced the original synth player. Dirk and Eric are still setting landmarks in the EBM scene after 30 years. However, Absolute Body Control represents their softer and more pop orientated side. In the early eighties the band just released a single "Is There An Exit?" and a handful of  tapes. 

Despite a number of songs which easily keep up with other  synthpop mile stones like Soft Cell or Human League they remained unknown. However a couple of years ago their whole output was rereleased on vinyland CD and a growing fanbase was eagerly waiting for new songs as well as live performances.

And Absolute Body Control is delivering. The gig was about an hour filled with their mostly uptempo minimal synth songs. Dirk was singing and shouting with great enthusiasm, while Eric provided an excellent minimal synth background.

If you have the chance to seem them just do it! But before you might enjoy their sound at home… you will melt away!