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Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

18. Dezember 2014

The spirit is in me, the devil is in me - Scary moviesoundtracks

Today we are getting dark and scary.

First piece is from the very strange and intense movie "Under the skin". You'll love it or you hate it. I actually love it, cos it's been like nothing I've ever seen before.  It dares a lot and Scarlett Johansons presence in the movie is unbelievable.
And the soundtrack ! Aaaw, what a beautiful soundtrack! Atmosphere.
About the composing FEMALE genius .

Next tune is from the "Lords of Salem" movie. The movie has some nice ideas, but it lacks from tempo and suspense.


This one is from one of my favorite scary movies, it's Insidious.

Next horror movie is Silent Hill. I hate the sound of alarm sirens. This always gives me the creeps....