Liquid Diamonds

Liquid Diamonds are hard to find.

2. Februar 2016

Happy Birthday Kalliope !!!

I started this blog FIVE years ago, cos I was frustrated ,there were no blogs about music I like or about the lyrics of my favorite songs. Or that I had to look at 3 or more different sources to know everything about a certain artist or band...why couldn't there be something with more background or a small introduction with further links ? And why are there only a few women and girls who blog about music ???
So naive as I was I started this and there were moments, when I just wanted to delete everything. Or I had no time or I was so uninspired by any new music that came out...cos I only blog about music I like and not what's popular. If the music I like becomes popular that's a nice side effect.
And then I took other music lovers on my boat, asking for guest articles, so I'd have more diversity here. Fresh wind. Different aspects.

So here we are...after five years. Weird. I hope you still will join us from time to time.

Thank you, cosmonauts.

This is for you.....makes you laugh and cry ;o))))