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31. März 2011

P.J. Harvey - England

I live and die through England
Through England
It leaves a sadness
Remedies never were within my reach
I cannot go on as I am
Withered vine reaching from the country
That I love
You leave a taste
A bitter one

I have searched for your springs
But people, they stagnate with time
Like water, like air
To you, England, I cling
Undaunted, never failing love for you

I told you guys...this is my favorite track of P.J.'s new album " Let England shake ". Seamus Murphy, a photojournalist, made for each song from the record a short film. Murphy is known for his photo documentaries about war places, third world etc.
You can see most of the short films at You Tube. They are brilliant. Watch " The color of the earth ", it's wonderful :

The Colour of the earth

Louis was my dearest friend
Fighting in the ANZAC trench
Louis ran forward from the line
I never saw him again
Later in the dark
I thought I heard Louis' voice
Calling for his mother, then me
But I couldn't get to him
He's still up on that hill
20 years on that hill
Nothing more than a pile of bones
But I think of him still
If I was asked I'd tell
The colour of the earth that day
It was dull and browny red
The colour of blood, I'd say

In these times P.J. Harvey is the urgently needed anti - war - album we need to listen to. Sad, but true.