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10. Januar 2012

Look who's back...

Refused announced a Comeback ( well, they were never really gone ) and live performances at Festivals.  Have a look at their site above.

Refused started around 1992 in Umeà, before the Swedish Hardcore scene was discovered by the rest of the world. The singer Dennis Lyxzèn wrote critical lyrics about social and political issues. This and several left- winged political manifests were very important to the band. They wanted a change, a revolution in people's mind. But when they got the feeling that the hype about the band was more important than their political ambitions they broke up. But also because the gitarrist Jon Brannström wanted to leave the band and the U.S - tour was an unexpected awful experienced which led to many tensions between the band.

The final breakthrough album was "The Shape of Punk to Come". You might know the single " New Noise ". If not, sit down, watch and let it blow you away.

Can't wait to jump to that tune live...
I once meet Dennis , the singer with one of his following bands. He is really nice. But on stage he turns into an animal. But that's the way it has to be !

A quote from Dennis FB status today:
Refused are back... bla bla bla, playing Coachella, huzzah.... blabla.
Am I the only one that is superstoked on that fact that Firehose is also playing????  
Haha !!! 

MTV called them Firehouse...nutheads.