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8. Januar 2012

Plans for 2012 ???

Well...I have to write new lyrics, that's for sure...although the majority is more interested in Woodkid and Co, I'm not giving up posting my lyrics too. Thanx to the 2 % who read my stuff. I appeciate that.

Looking at the 2012 Line - Up's...this could be the festival summer of Grunge !!!

Soundgarden plays at the dutch Pink Pop festival end of may, Pearl Jam plays at Rock Werchter in Belgium end of June !!!
I hope, that Pearl Jam comes also to Pink Pop, cos it's one of my favorite festivals ever.
I won't certainly go to Southside again, cos that was a big disappointment, not only because of the weather, but mostly of the atmosphere and audience there....I don't need that crap again.
I could imagine to go to the equivalent Hurricane festival, cos I've been there two ? three ? times and it was so much better, even they have the same line -up. I don't know why it's so. But the difference of people and atmosphere is striking.
Here are the links from the festivals I mentioned above....they seem to be invisible, but just scroll...

and also Woodkid is on tour in may..... ;o)!/pages/Woodkid/57436954848?sk=app_308540029359

And hopefully he releases his album in spring, but before there will be a new video. Be patient. He's not the fastest. Maybe he shouldn't be so after Lana del Rey...

So soon as I have concrete festival plans, I'll make a special feature about it, just like I did last year. And we have to celebrate Kalliope's first birthday !!!