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21. November 2012

Blumenfall & Club Amour - Men to Men

I recently discovered this song. It’s really a beautiful mixture of Italo Disco and New Wave and appeared in 2010 on a highly limited four track compilation 12“ on the French label

Falco Invernale Records.The lyrics tell about the extravaganzas of gay night life and add a romantic touch to the seemingly cold world of using and abusing perfectly corresponding with the music.

Blumenfall simply means “cascade of flowers” (maybe in a kind of germanic language). When spring is coming, flowers are everywhere, full of love and smells and let the sunshine in. He uses old synthetizers to play his songs. He records them on a 8 tracks tape recorder and finally normalize songs on computer. Blumenfall also play with bizarre people, like Club-Amour. After being a drummer in several bands since Club-Amour was 14 years old, he leaves his drums for decks and synthesizers and started playing without a band : in the first time as a deejay (with Stamba, The Hacker, Alexander Robotnick, David Carretta, La Veuve electro, Al Core, Zombie-Zombie, Sevenfive and more…) and in a second time as an electronic artist, alone with his computer, synths & drum machines…

The Cure (17 seconds-Faith-Pornography era), italo disco,cold wave, elektro, acid house, techno-pop and ebm for first references and strong musical knowledge are the foundation of their bizarre universe.
How to describe the music?

Maybe like this : “Loud kicks, rough basslines, old school synths, weird melodies and a voice under morphine”

You can read more about the artists on the website of the label

Deviation Sociale Records

If listen to it often enough, this track may turn you into a gay man!