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18. November 2012

Norma Loy - Tragic Venus

Norma Loy is a French coldwave band formed in 1981. NORMA LOY is an anagram of "Nom Royal" (Royal Name). It also may be a profound bow to the classic US actrice Myrna Loy starring in Hollywood movies with Clark Gable and Cary Grant. Apart from releasing a couple of albums in the 80ties and 90ties they published books, organised exhibitions and performances.

check the websites:

Their style can be described as post punk with a some heavy gothic influences. They incorporate electronic as well as organic instruments in a unique sound and add meaningful lyrics performed with passion.

Tragic Venus is from their vinyl debut 12“ Romance released on New Wave records in 1983 and remains a milestone in French cold wave history.

I think the title refers to the book „Marilyn, the Tragic Venus“, published by Edwin Palmer Hoyt in 1973. The classic concept of Venus Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and Beauty as archetypal myth  in modern women. We all know women who immediately attract attention and admirers everywhere, but end up unhappy and disgraced. Marilyn Monroe didn’t escape the myth. Myrna Loy also ended up unhappy. But there may be a formula to avoid tragedy...

For deeper insights I recommend this book:

 I found the lyrics for Tragic Venus on this screenshot of the innersleeve, I hope you can read it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!