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17. November 2012

Legowelt - Berlin Ostbahnhof

Dutch producer Danny Wolfers is heavily influenced by all kinds of deep electronic music like Chicago house, Detroit Techno, Electro, IDM, Italo Disco, High NRG, Movie Scores and Industrial.

He put out vinyl since the late 90ties under various monikers of which Legowelt is the best known. Among others he also releases as Danny Blanco, Nacho Patrol and Squadra Blanco.

You can get a good overwiew here:

Apart from producing, Danny has been playing live all over the world. A couple of years ago I could enjoy him in Dusseldorf’s reputated club Salon des Amateurs. He turned out to be a nice and modest guy, as charming as his music.

Even if you don’t like modern techno or house music at all you should give him a try, because his productions are minimalistic, atmospheric and always seem to tell a story. Highly emotional lofi electronic music for the sophisticated dancefloor would be a suitable tag. He has just release a new album „The Paranormal Soul“ on Dutch imprint Clone Records which I haven’t heard yet.

Berlin Ostbahnhof was released in 2001 on a split 7“ with Orgue Electronique on the short-lived Dutch label Eat This Record. Is is on my favourite productions from Danny, and even contains some vocals in the mid part, what is unusual for Danny. I can’t understand what he whispers but in my imagination he is telling stories from the once lively club scene around the Berlin Ostbahnhof where the old Maria and the Berghain predecessor Ostgut were located in the early 2000 years. I wish I had been there.