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23. Dezember 2012

Andreas Gehm ‎– What's On Ur Mind EP

Andreas Gehm is a producer from North-Rhine Westfalia mainly releasing acidhouse and electro in the spirit of the late 80ties. Since 2006 he has released a number of records under various monikers  
like Elec Pt.1, Manager_111, The Minister and Trajical Bitch on labels like Bunker Records, Psycho Thrill, Mathematics Records and Snuff Trax.

Among his influences are soulful Acid masters like Larry Heard, Lil Louis and Phuture as well as electro pioneers like Juan Atkins and Drexciya. You can listen to a number of tracks on soundcloud to get the full picture.

I got to know him personally early in the new millenium when we started to swap old school records from Detroit and Chicago. He introduced me into a number of classics. When he started to release his ownrecords I was excited since I know about his excellent taste which he indeed managed to transfer into tracks sounding like hidden tapes from the original pioneers in the beginning. In the meantime he has developed his own personal style. I am not sure whether he still uses only analogue equipment, but this doesn’t really matter, as long as the music has quality and soul. 

What's On Ur Mind is the title track from his latest EP released on Mathematics Records in September. In my view it is his best work so far and one of my personal tracks of the year. The synthesizers are very warm and the intense vocals remind you to think about what is important in life.

Andreas is also performing live acts. If you want to book him don’t be shy to contact him. He may look grim on pictures but is a cheerful and kind person. As long as you have you the correct things on UR mind, of course.