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8. Dezember 2012

Anthony Rother - Biomechanik

Electro is an interesting musical cross-over which developed mainly in the United States in the early 80ties when youngs blacks were inspired by white European conceptional electronic pioneers like Kraftwerk and brought tehier sounds to the street by injecting life in form of danceable rhythms, disco sounds and rap. Ahead of the millenium artists worldwide started some kind of revival with fresh ideas.

Anthony Rother is a German artist and producer, born 1972 in Frankfurt am Main. He is the founder of the labels Psi49net, Datapunk and Telekraft Recordings. His early releases are probably the most direct adaption of the original sounds from Kraftwerk. in the years after his output deteriorated into a more commmercial type of music.

The track Biomechanik orginally appeared on his first LP Simulationszeitalter in 2000. The great video shows how human bodies may be upgraded in order to achieve a perfect mankind.

I am going to see Kraftwerk live in January in the Kunstsammlung NRW in Düsseldorf. Anthony is sometimes  considered the best Kraftwerk member who was never part of the group. I wonder if he will appear on stage this time. But honestly I think they’re all robots anyway.


Der Mensch belebt den Stahl
Gedanken integral
Die Seele digital.
Das leben wird kodiert
Gefühle generiert
Natur perfektioniert.