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5. März 2013


Hi Cosmonauts !!!

Severe Illness  and a total breakdown of my laptop stopped our blogging routine. Sorry for that !

Before we report from the fantastic Esben and The Witch Concert, I want to introduce this lady to you: Madmoiselle de à peu près or in German Frau von Ungefähr. She loves this band SEA+AIR and wanted me to write about it. So I told her to do it herself. Here we go. ENJOY!

[…] like happy and sad times and everything in between – back and forward again and again […]

People who are not only able to look into the heart of the rainbow but also to set it into music must come from the silver lining. SEA + AIR the swabian-greek anyhow congenial couple plays music for the eternity. No goal without detour. No props without effort. Merely effort univocal is the wrong term. SEA + AIR's music will be shot straight into your heart. And it will stay there. Power-pop and melancholia are combined to your new favorite music. At the latest when you’ve seen the “Do animals cry?” video, you wish that Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin henceforth could be your best friends.

While listening to the song “Mercy Street” I think about comparisons to the likewise fantastic band Kraków loves Adana. They’re all misleading, these bands are not comparable. Obvious parallels do exist though. On closer inspections (and while listening more often to SEA + AIR) these parallels are restrained on formalities.

“My heart’s sick chord” has been – slightly excentric – composed on a harpsichord. What makes the feuilleton sit up and take notice amuses those who attend SEA + AIRs concerts. Daniel and Eleni do master many, many instruments and changing them constantly. Sometimes they’re singing a capella or in falsetto- technics or simply in their beautiful two voices. They are bewitching, charming and their performance gives you goose bumps in the neck, because their music is that dazzling. The, on half an eternity applied, world-tour started in autumn 2011 and is pretended to soon comprehend 500 concerts. Its end for now is not announced. What makes me happy and should make you happy too! I admit I am biased: I simply love these two wonderful folks.